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Author: Olivia Jones, oral care specialist at, 7 January 2024

„What is the best mouthguard for grinding teeth? Does a mouthguard that I can mould myself work as well as a custom mouthguard from my dentist?“

In recent years there has been a lot of scientific research on teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding can exert as much as 660lb of pressure on teeth. The enamel of people who grind their teeth wears down 20 times faster.

The question is not whether you need a mouthguard, but rather which mouthguard and how quickly you can get it.

With the help of literature, tests, label-screening and our dental specialists, I will answer the question:

What is the best mouthguard for grinding teeth?

This article informs you about the top 5 mouthguards to prevent teeth grinding. You will also learn about which mouthguards best to avoid.

A mouth splint from the dentist or moulding a mouthguard yourself?

mouth guard teeth grinding

Although a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist is a good option to prevent grinding, I understand that for most people this will not be their first choice.

A mouth splint from the dentist costs between £200 and £300 and it takes 6 to 8 weeks before it is ready.

It is only logical that you choose a cheaper and quicker solution by purchasing a mouthguard that you can fit yourself. But beware!

Take your time to research the product.

Some mouthguards can be harmful and in exceptional cases even cause an open bite.

Does the mouthguard have CE marking?

SOVA night guard teeth grinding
Regardless of which mouthguard you decide to order, always look critically at its origin and label. The mouthguard should have CE marking and cover all the back teeth. If teeth are not in contact with opposing teeth, they will elevate out of the bone until they meet.

I explicitly mention this, because the internet is full of Asian, unapproved, very cheap mouthguards.

You will wear the guard for an average of 7 hours a night in your mouth, the most absorbent part of your body.

You wouldn’t want to wear that if the material the product is composed of is not disclosed and its safety for your teeth cannot be guaranteed.


Even if the packaging looks professional, you should be careful. Many different mouthguards are offered through large online web shops. If you look closely, you will see that most guards are identical except for the packaging. Those same mouthguards are often bought from Chinese wholesalers for less than 10 cents.

Which mouthguards are safe to use?

SOVA night guard teeth grindingFortunately, there are teeth-friendly, affordable mouthguards on the market that are designed by doctors and that you can custom-fit at home.

An excellent example is the SOVA Aero Nightguard by Swedish physician Jan Akervall.

This ultra-thin mouthguard equals dental quality and is a much better choice than conventional mouthguards for many reasons.

Scientifically proven

A scientific study by the University of Michigan shows that SOVA Aero Nightguard is just as effective as a mouth splint, but much more comfortable.

Furthermore, SOVA Aero has been named the Dental Advisor’s Best Product Award winner for 3 years in a row – the world’s most prestigious award for manufacturers of dental products.
Dental Advisor award sova night guard best tested

How do you distinguish the safe mouthguards from the ones that are less safe?

In cooperation with a physiotherapist and an orthodontist, the editors tested 29 mouthguards for the following criteria:


  • Protects the teeth 100% from the excessive pressure of teeth grinding. A good mouthguard will also prevent the teeth grinding itself
  • Has thin bite surfaces and is comfortable, so you hardly notice that you are wearing a mouthguard
  • Covers the rear teeth, keeping the jaw in a natural position
  • Can be easily custom-fit without a lot of time and effort
  • Has CE marking and is free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Latex. (Beware of the cheap mouthguards)
  • Preferably does not consist of EVA plastic (breaks easily or pieces of plastic come off), but of a strong and biodegradable material
  • Ensures saliva has a way in and out towards the teeth so there is no risk of caries

Based on these criteria, the following top 5 mouth guards were selected:

Number 1 : SOVA Aero Nightguard 👑 Best Results 👑

best mouth guard

The SOVA Aero Nightguard by Swedish physician Jan Akervall stands out as it meets all criteria. This mouthguard is our winner.
Best tested mouth guard

  • SOVA Aero is the only mouthguard in the world that is ultra-thin, highly durable and remouldable to ensure a perfect fit. It doesn’t fall out and it allows you to talk and drink while wearing it.
  • Moreover, SOVA Aero is the only mouthguard made of biodegradable polymer instead of EVA, a material that most people will chew through quickly. We requested the official certificate.
  • SOVA Aero contains perforations. With these perforations you can gently create suction during the moulding to ensure a snug fit.
  • The perforations redirect the forces of impact into the crumple zones, which reduces teeth grinding and pain.
  • At the same time, the perforations ensure that saliva still reaches your teeth. Mouthguards that close off your teeth increase the risk of tooth decay.
  • An independent study by the University of Michigan shows that SOVA protects teeth just as well as a mouthguard customized by a dentist, but has a much higher level of comfort.
  • In contrast to most mouthguards, SOVA Aero has CE marking and is made in the USA and not in China. This way you can be 100% sure that the material is safe and that the mouthguard will not change your bite.
  • SOVA does not contain any questionable ingredients such as BPA or other harmful plasticizers. Latex, PVC and phthalates are not used.
  • The company provides exceptional service: SOVA Aero has a 100% money back guarantee.

Conclusion: SOVA Aero Nightguard is by far our absolute favourite. The best solution for people who don’t want to spend money on a mouth splint, but do want a reliable and effective product.

Interested in the SOVA Nightguard? Visit for more information.

Below you will find a short video presentation about SOVA

Second place. Dentek Professional Fit

Dentek mouth guard

The mouthguard of Dentek comes in second. Dentek Professional Fit Dental Guard is one of the best-selling mouthguards, but has also been on the market much longer than SOVA.

Dentek Professional Fit has advantages and disadvantages.

A big advantage is that Dentek Professional Fit is composed of 2 layers. A soft and a hard layer.

It has a soft upper layer where you bite in it and a hard bottom layer where the teeth touch each other.

It therefore fits very pleasantly, comparable to a professional mouthguard from the dentist.

Because Dentek contains 20% EVA and is much thicker, it comes in second and SOVA remains the favourite. EVA is safe and flexible, but it wears out quickly. Since Dentek has 2 layers, the layers tend to come apart after a while, forcing you to buy a new mouthguard. This does not happen with mouthguards that are not made from EVA.

Third place. SOVA Max Nightguard 2.4 mm

Best mouth guard

SOVA Aero 1.6 mm also has a thicker version, the SOVA Aero Max with a thickness of 2.4 mm. SOVA Max has the same advantages as the SOVA Aero but is mainly intended for people who prefer to wear a thicker nightguard.

View SOVA Max here.

Fourth place. Dentek Comfort Fit for daytime jaw clenching

Dentek dental guard disposable

The fourth place goes to Dentek Comfort Fit.

If you look closely, you will see that this mouthguard does not cover the teeth in the far back of the mouth. Therefore, in my opinion, it is only suitable for people who suffer from jaw clenching during the day.

The big advantage is that these mouthguards (each package contains two guards) do not require boiling. They are ready to use.

Because SOVA Aero is much thinner and can also be used for jaw clenching, most people choose SOVA Aero over this Dentek version.

Fifth place. ReduFresh mouthguard

The ReduFresh mouthguard is made on the basis of a mould that you have to make yourself and send to the company.

This ensures a guard with a perfect fit. However, a disadvantage is the fact that you have to make the mould yourself with the plaster the company has sent you. This can easily go wrong, especially if you have no experience with moulding.

Another disadvantage is that the production and shipping of the mouthguard can take up to three weeks. During this period, the teeth are not protected from grinding.

A mouthguard such as SOVA Aero that can be used directly or boiled at home, clearly has an advantage over the ReduFresh.

Update 11th Januari 2024. The company ReduFresh does not exist anymore.

Summary of this test of 29 mouthguards.

If you suffer from teeth grinding, it is important to start wearing a mouthguard as soon as possible. Bruxism has a devastating effect on your teeth.

No matter what kind of mouthguard you choose, make sure it is a safe product as described in this article. Don’t be misled by nice packaging or a low price.

The SOVA Aero nightguards (1.6 and 2.4 mm) meet all requirements and have a good price/quality ratio.

Since, on top of all its advantages, the manufacturer provides a 100% money back guarantee, we consider SOVA Aero by far the best choice.

You can order SOVA Aero at