Author: Lizzie Smith – blog last updated on Wednesday 6th January 2024

There are many mouthwashes out there to help get rid of bad breath. But which one is the best? Using a mouthwash to prevent bad breath is, in principle, a good idea. Because by rinsing your mouth, you can reach the places your toothbrush, or even dental floss, can’t. But there is a catch. Whether mouthwash actually helps prevent bad breath depends on the ingredients it contains. In this article, we’ll look at why this is the case and give you tips to help you choose the best mouthwash.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually a sign of too many harmful bacteria in your mouth. Together with food remains and saliva, they form part of dental plaque. They process sugar and carbohydrates into smelly odours such as methanethiol, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. These bacteria and their odours are harmful to your teeth and gums. And they’re not great for your self-confidence either.

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Not all bacteria in your mouth are harmful though. Most bacteria and other microbes are helpful and necessary for good oral health and digestion. It’s, therefore, best to leave these useful bacteria alone, so your oral flora remains in balance. Disturbed oral flora actually plays into the hands of harmful bacteria, causing them to produce more and more odours.

When choosing a mouthwash, it’s essential the natural balance of the oral flora is supported and not disturbed by antiseptic agents and nasty chemicals. Therefore, you should choose a mouthwash with mouth-friendly ingredients that don’t mask bad breath but tackle it at the source

Here, we’ve listed the 4 best mouthwashes for bad breath:

1. RyttPro Mouthwash

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The formula of RyttPro Mouthwash works based on active oxygen, in this case, stabilised chlorine dioxide. Together with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and zinc, it effectively tackles harmful bacteria. The ingredients are safe and support your natural protection through balanced oral flora, making RyttPro mouthwash an excellent way to prevent bad breath. But your teeth are also optimally protected against caries (cavities), and the soft tissues in your mouth are cared for.

2. RyttPro Fresh Breath Kit

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In addition to the RyttPro mentioned above mouthwash, this complete package contains several other products that are useful against bad breath. RyttPro toothpaste and RyttPro mouth spray are based on the same effective, mouth-friendly formula as the mouthwash. This means that not only the ingredients of your mouthwash are in order, but also those of your toothpaste. You can use the mouth spray to care for your teeth and freshen your breath between brushes and when you’re on the go.

The kit contains the effective RyttPro tongue cleaner – an ingenious combination of tongue scraper and tongue brush in one. Harmful bacteria that excrete smelly gases live not only on your tooth enamel but also on and in the rough surface of your tongue. That’s why brushing the white or yellow deposits from your tongue and then scraping them away daily is so worthwhile. This is all perfectly possible with this double-sided tongue cleaner.

tongue cleaner

3. JuliBrite Mouthwash

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The mild formula of JuliBrite Mouthwash fights harmful bacteria with an active oxygen formula generated by honey. Zinc also helps combat harmful anaerobic bacteria but without killing the beneficial microbes. The body’s own enzyme, hyaluronan, is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Xylitol is known for its beneficial effects on teeth and the oral cavity, such as lowering acidity and smoothing tooth enamel. JuliBrite Mouthwash is the perfect mouthwash for complete care of your teeth and gums, and to freshen your breath.

4. JuliBrite Whitening Mouthwash

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JuliBrite Whitening Mouthwash contains only natural ingredients. Organic coconut oil and activated charcoal have a natural antibacterial effect and also whiten your teeth. The activated charcoal is pigmentless and very finely ground, so your sink stays clean, and your tooth enamel doesn’t wear off. Aloe vera and deacidified vitamin C have been added to care for and hydrate your oral mucous membranes and gums. In short, this is a very suitable and mouth-friendly mouthwash that uses the power of natural ingredients for a clean and fresh mouth.


The mouthwashes mentioned above are the best choices to prevent bad breath. The active oxygen formulas fight harmful bacteria without disrupting the rest of the oral flora. They also neutralise the sulphurous gases, i.e. the smell itself, at a molecular level.


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