Author: Lizzie Smith – blog last updated on Tuesday 5th September 2023

If you suffer from bleeding or inflamed gums, you must remedy this immediately. Preventing gum infections in the first place is even better!

In most cases, gingivitis (gum disease) is a matter of plaque – that nasty mix of bacteria, food remains and saliva. If you don’t remove plaque daily, it hardens into tartar, where even more plaque can become stuck. This often happens at the border between teeth and gums, where the bacteria in the plaque can easily cause an infection.

inflamed gums

If you don’t treat or have your inflamed gums treated by a professional, it can eventually develop into periodontal disease. This means the infection has spread to the deeper tissues around the tooth, and you should consult a dentist to prevent damage to the bone tissue and loose teeth.

Therefore, treating irritated or inflamed gums as quickly as possible is much better. In this article, we’ll help you with our top 10 best remedies for inflamed gums:

1. RyttPro toothpaste and mouthwash

Good daily oral hygiene is essential to prevent gingivitis and, if necessary, to resolve it quickly. This means brushing your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes with a good brushing technique, but the ingredients of your toothpaste and mouthwash are also essential.

With RyttPro Toothpaste Magic Mint, you remove plaque and fight the harmful bacteria that are part of the plaque threatening your gums. The powerful formula OZ-3X, consisting of stabilised chlorine dioxide, zinc and cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), does this whilst respecting your oral flora. The acidity of the oral cavity is stabilised, and this toothpaste doesn’t contain harmful substances such as phthalates, parabens, or flavouring and colouring agents.

After brushing, flossing or brushing your teeth, a mouth rinse is the perfect way to remove the last remnants of plaque. However, you should also pay attention to the ingredients. RyttPro Oral Rinse is also based on the effective but mouth-friendly formula OZ-3X.

healthy gumsWith RyttPro toothpaste and mouthwash, the ingredients of your daily oral care products are in order. In the RyttPro Healthy Gums Kit, you’ll find two tools, in addition to toothpaste and mouthwash, to treat irritated or slightly inflamed gums yourself; the kit contains a mouthguard or tray with which you can let the toothpaste soak into the affected area and a jaw syringe to squirt the mouthwash directly onto the affected area.

2. JuliBrite toothpaste and mouthwash

JuliBrite’s oral care products are also effective against harmful bacteria while supporting the oral flora. Its formula is based on active oxygen, which is generated by honey. Together with zinc, the ingredients combat the harmful bacteria without affecting the balance of the oral flora.

The natural enzyme hyaluronan has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Hyaluronan is as effective against plaque as chlorhexidine but without the adverse side effects. Xylitol has been added for its fresh, cool taste, which stimulates the salivary glands. But it also ensures bacteria can’t stick to your tooth enamel.

Both JuliBrite toothpaste and JuliBrite mouthwash provide clean teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums.

3. Moist-R Whitening Sponge

You can gently remove plaque with the Moist-R Whitening Sponge. The sponge contains nanoparticles with a high absorbent capacity. When they come into contact with water, these particles become nano-capillary tubes, which can remove even more plaque. Whilst the plaque can be easily removed, for tartar and stubborn discolouration, you’ll need to use the Whitening Sponge more often.

4. Oxyfresh Healthy Gums Kit

The cleaning and caring effect of Oxyfresh toothpaste and mouthwash is based on the active oxygen formula, Oxygene, which is supported by zinc, folic acid and aloe vera, among other things.

It’s an effective combination of ingredients that combat harmful oral bacteria in a mouth-friendly way, helping prevent plaque and tartar and resolve gingivitis.

best remedies for healthy gums

In addition to the typical daily oral care products, the Oxyfresh Healthy Gums Kit contains two instruments that help you treat inflamed gums yourself. With the tray, you can let the Oxyfresh Relief Gel toothpaste work on your gums for longer than just brushing your teeth. Folic acid and aloe vera provide immediate relief and care for the gums.

You can rinse your mouth with Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash, but in case of irritated or inflamed gums, you can spray mouthwash directly onto the inflamed area with the jaw syringe.

5. Professional Dental Hook

Even if you do your best to remove plaque, tartar usually forms over time. You can remove the supra-gingival, i.e. the visible tartar yourself. The Professional Dental Bracket has two stainless steel dental brackets and a mouth mirror that can’t fog up. These instruments are comparable to those of your dentist. The different tips, from sharp hooks to a rubber tip, are ideal for removing early tartar.

remedy inflamed gums

6. Mara Expert Interdental Brushes

No matter how well you brush your teeth, inflamed gums lurk in the interdental spaces if you don’t clean these areas between your teeth every day. Toothbrushes are the best tool for this.

However, the size must be right. A toothbrush that’s too large will damage your gums and the root, and a toothbrush that’s too small won’t clean the interdental space properly. Mara Expert Interdental toothbrushes are available in 6 different sizes, with brush thicknesses varying from 0.6 to 1.8 mm.

7. Dentek Floss Arches

If your teeth are close together, cleaning the interdental spaces with a toothbrush is sometimes tricky. If this is the case, you can opt for dental floss, but that’s often difficult to manoeuvre in the mouth. Dentek floss arches are the solution. For example, the Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Arch contains a floss arch and a toothpick. The Dentek 3-in-1 Tooth Cleaner goes one step further: a floss bow, an interdental brush (= 0.45 mm) and a narrow toothpick.

best remedies for inflamed gums

A new addition is the Dentek Cross Flosser – arches with a double floss thread, with which you remove even more plaque from the interdental spaces in one movement.

8. Moist-R Hydrating Chewing gum or Tablets

The natural sweetener, xylitol has many beneficial properties in the fight against plaque and gingivitis. One of these is that it makes it difficult for harmful oral bacteria to stick to your enamel as plaque. The fresh, cool taste of xylitol stimulates saliva production, which is also plaque-inhibiting. During the day, between brushing your teeth, keep your oral cavity bacteria-free with Moist-R Hydrating Chewing gum or Moist-R Xylitol tablets for Dry Mouth.

9. Moist-R Moisturizing Mouth Spray

This moisturising and healing mouth spray contains sophisticated, natural ingredients to hydrate oral mucous membranes. In case of inflamed gums, it’s a good idea to spray not only your mouth and tongue but also the affected gums with Moist-R Moisturizing Mouth Spray several times during the day.

best remedies for inflamed gums

10. Oxyfresh bamboo toothbrush

With inflamed gums, it’s important not to push too hard when brushing your teeth. This is usually easier with electric and sonic toothbrushes than with manual ones. The Oxyfresh Bamboo Brush is also a great option. It has super-soft, closely spaced bristles that clean your gums but don’t irritate them further.


With the best remedies for inflamed gums mentioned above, you should be able to resolve early gingivitis within two weeks. If this doesn’t work, the infection must be treated by a dentist or dental hygienist. After treatment, you can use the tips mentioned in the article to prevent inflamed gums from occurring in the future.