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What’s the best tongue cleaner? As well as brushing and flossing your teeth, cleaning your tongue daily is a wise idea. You’ll be able to cure or prevent a white tongue, which is excellent for your teeth, oral health and your overall health in general.

But how do you choose the best, most effective tongue cleaner? A good tongue cleaner removes all bacteria without causing damage to the soft tissue. It’s also essential you can get on the back of your tongue without gagging.

Here’s a list of our top 10 best tongue cleaners.

1. JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner

JuliBrite’s tongue cleaner is incredibly effective because the instrument consists of a tongue scraper and tongue brush in one. Firstly, you brush your tongue with the brush side, which, unlike your toothbrush, has fine soft hairs specially designed to brush your tongue.

tongue cleaner

Preferably, you should brush your tongue with the accompanying JuliBrite Tongue Gel. The gel contains, amongst other things, zinc lactate, which fights the harmful bacteria deep between your tongue papillae whilst respecting your oral flora, so the beneficial microbes remain untouched. After brushing, turn the tongue cleaner over and easily wipe away the debris and white deposits off your tongue with the scraper.

With the JuliBrite Clean Tongue Kit, you get this effective tongue cleaner and the accompanying tongue gel in one.

2. RyttPro Tongue Cleaner

The RyttPro tongue cleaner works on the same principle: a tongue brush and tongue scraper in one. If you want to brush even more effectively, use the RyttPro Gum & Tongue Foam, which penetrates deep into the tongue tissue. The mouth-friendly formula combines sodium chlorite (stabilised chlorine dioxide), cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and zinc acetate.

best tongue cleaner

The RyttPro Clean Tongue Kit is a starter package which contains both the effective tongue cleaner and the accompanying Tongue Foam.


Again, this is a tongue cleaner consisting of both a brush and scraper. However, the scraper on the OraBrush is not on the other side but on the same side as the brush. The scraper, therefore, only has one ridge to wipe the white deposits from your tongue.

If you still prefer the OraBrush, you can use it with JuliBrite Tongue Gel or RyttPro Tongue Foam for deep cleansing of the tongue tissue.

4. TonsilFresh Tongue Scraper

The tongue scraper from TonsilFresh is a simple scraper in a classic shape. It’s made of stainless steel and has a flexible arch with two handles.

best tongue scraper

Because you can bend the tongue scraper, you can adjust its width to fit your mouth and tongue. Moreover, stainless steel is more hygienic and durable than plastic tongue scrapers, which you must replace regularly. The scraping arc of the TonsilFresh tongue cleaner isn’t sharp, but it’s fine enough to wipe the deposits from the tongue with a few movements.

5. Smellwin Tongue Scraper

The Smellwin Tongue Scraper is also a metal scraper with a travel case. The scraping arc is attached to a single handle and is so finely rounded that the white deposits are scraped off the tongue quickly and effectively. The tongue cleaner is comfortable to hold, and the arc is so fine you can easily clean the back of your tongue without gagging.

While you must replace plastic tongue scrapers regularly for hygiene, the Smellwin Tongue Cleaner will last for years.

6. Amano Tongue Scraper

The Amano tongue scraper has the classic shape of a tongue scraper: a metal arch with two handles. It has a striking Italian design, which makes it a useful and beautiful gadget for your bathroom. It also does an excellent job of removing white deposits from the tongue.

7. Dentek Tongue Cleaner

The Dentek Tongue Cleaner is a simple tongue scraper. There’s no brush side, so you won’t be able to reach all the spaces in the tongue tissue. However, it’s a compact and comfortable tongue scraper that wipes a lot of deposits off your tongue with three ridges. This is a suitable tongue scraper if you have a light white tongue or want to prevent it.

8. Tungbrush

The Tungbrush is a tongue brush, so there’s no scraper. The bristles are more rigid than those of JuliBrite and RyttPro, so it won’t feel pleasant for everyone.  In addition, if you want to scrape your tongue after brushing, you’ll need to purchase a separate tongue scraper.

9. OxyFresh Tongue Scraper

The OxyFresh Tongue Scraper is another simple scraper. It has two ridges, one of which is serrated. This scrapes away the deposits from the tongue tissue slightly deeper than a tongue scraper with smooth ribs. You can use JuliBrite Tongue Gel or RyttPro Tongue Foam to deepen the cleanse.

best product to clean the tongue

10. Piksters Tongue Scraper

With the Piksters tongue scraper, you can scrape your tongue effectively with its sharp, serrated ridges. Whilst it doesn’t clean the tongue as deeply as a tongue brush, it offers a great way to remedy the beginnings of white tongue or to prevent it.


We prefer the JuliBrite and the RyttPro tongue cleaners, which are both brushed and scrapers in one. With these options, you can effectively clean your tongue deep into the tissue. Use the accompanying gel or foam to kill the harmful bacteria on and in the tongue, all without disturbing the balance of the oral flora.

What about your toothbrush?

You’ll notice that we haven’t listed your toothbrush in this article!  This is because it’s the worst tongue cleaner you can think of!  First of all, the bristles of a toothbrush are meant for hard tooth enamel and are far too hard for the soft tissue of the tongue. In addition, you’d transfer the bacteria that make up a large part of white tongue deposits to your toothbrush. Finally, the head of the toothbrush is too high to reach the back of your tongue without making you gag. 


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