Author: Lizzie Smith – blog last updated on Wednesday 6th January 2024

Many toothpastes promise to be effective in preventing bad breath. But whether they actually do so is a different matter. Generally, most toothpastes don’t remedy the breath odour at all. Instead, what they do is mask it using strong artificial mint flavours. In addition, these toothpastes often contain antiseptic agents that disrupt the balance of the oral flora and, thereby, promote bad breath!

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should pay attention to when choosing a toothpaste for bad breath. And we’ll show you our top 4 best toothpastes to prevent bad breath – toothpastes that actually tackle the problem whilst respecting your oral flora.

The causes of bad breath

Although there are several possible causes for bad breath, the most common is an excess of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity. Anaerobic bacteria convert sugars and carbohydrates into sulphurous gases, such as methanethiol, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. These bacteria, together with food residues and saliva, form plaque and are often found on the rough surface of your tongue. The presence of this bacteria increases the risk of caries (cavities) and gingivitis, and their gases make your breath smelly.

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What makes it complicated is that not all bacteria in your mouth are harmful. Most bacteria are useful and actually help you keep harmful bacteria under control. That’s why your oral flora must remain in balance. An unbalanced oral flora favours harmful bacteria, leading to even more stench!

The ingredients of your toothpaste

Given the above, the ingredients in your toothpaste make a world of difference. In every situation, it’s always better to support the oral flora’s natural balance, especially if you want to prevent bad breath. Choose a toothpaste with mouth-friendly ingredients that don’t mask bad breath but actually tackle it. In addition, the ingredients shouldn’t disturb the oral flora with antiseptics and nasty chemicals.

Here are our top 4 toothpastes for bad breath that meet all these requirements: 

1. JuliBrite Toothpaste

JuliBrite Toothpaste effectively combats harmful bacteria whilst respecting your oral flora. The active formula is a combination of active oxygen that’s generated by honey and zinc. The added enzyme, hyaluronan, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that significantly boosts oral health. Hyaluronan inhibits dental plaque just as well as chlorhexidine but without the side effects.

The natural sweetener xylitol also has many beneficial effects on the mouth. It prevents bacteria from properly attaching to your tooth enamel, stimulates the salivary glands and reduces the acidity in the mouth. It also has a lovely fresh taste!

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JuliBrite Toothpaste is part of the JuliBrite Tongue Clean Kit. The harmful bacteria that cause bad breath are not only found in plaque but also the soft tissue of your tongue. So, paying extra attention to a clean tongue is a logical step if you want to get rid of bad breath.

The Julibrite Tongue Clean Kit also contains mouthwash, a tongue cleaner and a unique tongue gel. Just like the toothpaste, these are all extremely effective but mouth-friendly products. With the handy double-sided JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner, you can really clean your tongue. First, brush your tongue with the brush side and a little JuliBrite Tongue Gel. Let this work for a while, then wipe the gel to remove bacteria and other debris from your tongue.

2.RyttPro Toothpaste Magic Mint

RyttPro Toothpaste Magic Mint is the perfect toothpaste to fight harmful bacteria without affecting the oral flora. It’s based on the powerful yet gentle formula OZ-3X. This toothpaste also stabilises the acidity in the mouth and doesn’t contain harmful or unnecessary junk such as phthalates, parabens, flavours and colourants.

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In line with this toothpaste, you can opt for even more comprehensive oral care with the RyttPro Fresh Breath Kit.  In addition to the toothpaste mentioned above, it contains other products that effectively prevent bad breath.

RyttPro Mouthwash, RyttPro Tongue Foam and RyttPro Mouth Spray are based on the same effective but mild formula as the toothpaste. Use the mouth spray during the day between brushing your teeth and mouthwashing. This gives you extra oral care and freshens your breath.

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The RyttPro Tongue Cleaner is the perfect tool to thoroughly clean your tongue without damaging the delicate tissue. This tongue cleaner is a sophisticated combination of tongue scraper and tongue brush in one. First, put a little of the supplied RyttPro Tongue Foam on the back of your tongue. Allow it to work, and gently brush your tongue with the brush side. Then, wipe off the white deposits with the scraper side.

3. Dr. Brite Toothpaste

Dr. Brite Toothpaste is purely natural and organic. Originally developed for children, it’s naturally mild and mouth-friendly. But this doesn’t detract from what toothpaste is supposed to do, namely, remove plaque from your teeth. 

The formulas of the different variants are based on organic coconut oil, with the pigment-free activated carbon from coconut shells providing extra cleaning. The natural ingredients work perfectly together to inhibit the formation and adhesion of dental plaque. This prevents caries (cavities) and keeps your teeth whiter. In addition, ingredients such as aloe vera, natural minerals, deacidified vitamin C, and natural flavourings have been added to care for your gums and provide a pleasant taste.

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4. UK Organics Toothpaste

UK Organics Toothpaste is also based on the cleansing effect of coconut oil, which inhibits plaque. Natural minerals are also added to protect teeth against caries (cavities). Three different variants are available, of which Peppermint is specifically aimed at fresh breath.

UK Organics Toothpaste is also highly environmentally friendly. It isn’t packaged in a plastic tube but in a glass jar, where you scoop the toothpaste with a bamboo spatula. The packaging is, therefore, completely recyclable.


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