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Sometimes, you can remove the cause of a dry mouth; sometimes, you can’t. For example, if the mouth dryness is a symptom of an untreatable disease, medication or during menopause. But what you can do in any case is hydrate your oral cavity sufficiently and, if possible, stimulate your saliva production.

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This not only soothes the irritating dry mouth complaints but also cares for your teeth and gums. In a well-hydrated mouth, less plaque forms, meaning less tartar forms too. This reduces the risk of caries (cavities) and gum infections and keeps your breath fresher.

It’s essential you use mouth-friendly products. Products based on an active oxygen formula, natural (milk) enzymes or coconut oil respect the oral flora and don’t further dry out the oral mucous membranes. Below, we’ve listed various mild oral care products for dry mouth.

Toothpaste to prevent dry mouth

You should brush your teeth every day. But if you want to remedy or alleviate dry mouth complaints, you must pay close attention to the ingredients of your toothpaste.

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Alcohol, for example, has a dehydrating effect. You should also avoid products containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) or aggressive antiseptic substances such as chlorhexidine and triclosan. Yes, you need to tackle the harmful oral bacteria, but you can do this very well with mild products that don’t disrupt the oral flora. The following toothpastes meet this requirement:

1.RyttPro Toothpaste Magic Mint

RyttPro Toothpaste Magic Mint does what toothpaste is supposed to do: remove plaque-containing harmful bacteria from your teeth. The powerful formula OZ-3X, an effective combination of stabilised chlorine dioxide, zinc and cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), does this excellently but without affecting the balance of the oral flora. This toothpaste stabilises the acidity in the mouth, nourishes and hydrates the oral tissues and contains no harmful chemicals or unnecessary artificial flavours and colours.

toothpaste dry mouth

2. JuliBrite Toothpaste

JuliBrite Toothpaste also fights harmful bacteria with an active oxygen formula generated by honey. Zinc supports this natural antibacterial effect, as does the body’s own enzyme, hyaluronan. This inhibits dental plaque just as well as chlorhexidine but without disrupting the oral flora.

Xylitol makes the tooth enamel smoother, preventing bacteria from adhering to it as plaque. It lowers the acidity in the mouth and has a pleasant fresh taste, which stimulates the salivary glands.

3. UK Organics Orange Toothpaste

UK Organics is environmentally friendly, purely natural and vegan like no other brand. There are three different types of toothpaste, with the Orange variant ideally suited to hydrate and soothe a dry or irritated mouth. The toothpaste is based on coconut oil, which softens, hydrates and effectively fights harmful bacteria in your oral cavity. With the gentle and pure ingredients, you hydrate your mouth, clean your teeth and freshen your breath.

4. OraRelieve Toothpaste

OraRelieve toothpaste has been specially developed for people with dry mouth complaints. This toothpaste contains the body’s own enzymes to soften and hydrate the oral mucosa. The natural sweetener xylitol also inhibits the formation of plaque in this toothpaste. The enamel is further strengthened by fluoride. The fresh, cool taste of xylitol stimulates the salivary glands and gives a fresh taste.

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Mouthwash to prevent dry mouth

If you’ve brushed your teeth, flossed and cleaned your tongue, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with mouthwash. But you should pay attention to the ingredients, especially if you have dry mouth complaints because many types of mouthwash contain harmful, drying ingredients.

Like toothpaste, mild but effective mouthwash can be based on a natural base with coconut oil, an active oxygen formula or a formula based on (milk) enzymes. Xylitol, whose cool, fresh taste stimulates the salivary glands and is good for your teeth and the acidity in the mouth, is often added.

You can safely use the following mouthwashes to moisturise your dry mouth:

1. JuliBrite Mouthwash

JuliBrite Mouthwash contains the same mild formula as the toothpaste: an active oxygen formula generated by honey, zinc, xylitol and the enzyme hyaluronan. This gentle but effective mouthwash is perfect for dry mouth complaints. It cleans and cares for your teeth and gums, freshens your breath, hydrates the mucous membranes and stimulates the salivary glands.

2. RyttPro Mouthwash

This is another mouthwash with an active oxygen formula. The effective but safe combination of stabilised chlorine dioxide, cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and zinc effectively tackles harmful bacteria and their sulphurous secretions. RyttPro Mouthwash contains no drying ingredients and works excellently against bad breath, caries (cavities) and gum infections.

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3.OraRelieve Mouthwash

This super mild mouthwash, like the accompanying toothpaste, has been specially developed for people with dry mouth complaints. The formula based on natural enzymes cleans the teeth and cares for the soft tissues. Dry and irritated mucous membranes are hydrated and soothed. In addition, harmful bacteria are combated, thereby preventing plaque and tongue deposits, bad breath and caries (cavities).

4. UK Organics Orange Mouth Oil

Strictly speaking, not mouthwash but mouth oil. This soothing mouthwash against a dry mouth is based on coconut oil. It nourishes, softens and hydrates the oral mucosa, preventing dehydration. The fresh orange flavour stimulates the salivary glands.
mouth oil for dry mouth
For extra intensive hydration, you can do an “oil pulling” for 5 to 20 minutes before brushing your teeth with UK Organics Orange oil-pulling Mouthwash. This allows you to squeeze the harmful bacteria out of your teeth’s nooks and crannies, after which they are “captured” in the oil. And all the while, the coconut oil cares for and nourishes your oral mucous membranes.

Mouth spray to prevent dry mouth

Mouth spray is an effective remedy against a dry mouth, which you can use between brushing your teeth. The ingredients are also crucial here. It shouldn’t contain drying or acidifying components that disrupt the balance of the oral flora. A good mouth spray supports the oral flora, hydrates the oral mucosa and stimulates the salivary glands. This way, you can regularly take extra care and moisturise your mouth during the day.

The following sprays meet these conditions:

1. OraRelieve Mouth Spray

OraRelieve Moisturising Mouth Spray, specially developed for people with dry mouth complaints, contains the same formula with natural and milk enzymes. They soften and hydrate the mouth; the added sweetener xylitol protects the teeth and stimulates saliva production.

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2. Moist-R Mouth Spray

Moist-R Dry Mouth Spray also hydrates and soothes the oral mucous membranes. It does this through glycerin and aloe vera. Minerals strengthen and protect teeth, as does xylitol. The fresh taste of xylitol and natural peppermint freshens the breath and stimulates saliva production.

3. Dr. Brite Dry Mouth Spray

Dr. Brite Dry Mouth Spray consists of natural, organic ingredients. The mild formula with coconut oil, aloe vera and glycerine hydrates and softens the tissues. Xylitol, essential oils and medicinal plant extracts clean and protect the teeth and care for the gums and soft oral tissues.

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Gels to prevent dry mouth

If you wake up at night with a dry mouth, a good gel before going to sleep can significantly improve your night’s sleep.

  • Here again, OraRelieve does an excellent job using natural enzymes. Spread the gel over your teeth, tongue and inside of your cheeks before going to sleep. This immediately creates a moist and smooth environment, making you less likely to wake up due to a dry mouth and a thirsty feeling.

Chewing gum and tablets to prevent dry mouth

Chewing gum freshens the mouth and stimulates saliva production. The chewing gum should be sugar-free and contain xylitol to care for your teeth and stabilise the acidity in the mouth.

Suitable products for dry mouth and extra dental care are Moist-R Hydrating Chewing Gum and Moist-R Xylitol tablets for Dry Mouth. The latter is an excellent alternative to chewing gum if you can chew it.

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Dry mouth packs

To tackle dry mouth complaints intensively, you can opt for a dry mouth package instead of using all individual products. Then you have everything you need to hydrate your mouth, freshen your breath and clean your teeth at different times of the day.

  • The OraRelieve Dry Mouth Package has been specially developed for people with dry mouth complaints and sensitive tissues. The package consists of toothpaste, mouthwash, mouth spray and mouth gel. All these products are based on the above-mentioned moisturising and caring formula of the body’s own and milk enzymes.dry mouth pack
  • The UK Organics Orange Dry Mouth Pack contains toothpaste and mouth oil based on coconut oil and refreshing orange oil. The toothpaste contains salt to clean teeth and gums and natural minerals to remineralise tooth enamel. Both the toothpaste and the accompanying mouth oil soften and moisturise the soft tissues in the mouth. The fresh orange flavour stimulates the salivary glands. This package is vegan, and the plastic-free packaging is entirely recyclable.

Other resources

If your dry mouth complaints are  (partly) caused by sleeping with your mouth open, the TonsilFresh Dry Mouth Strap is your best remedy. This adjustable chin strap keeps your mouth closed while you sleep, preventing oral mucous membranes from drying out excessively and stopping snoring.

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The most important thing is you determine the cause of your dry mouth complaints. Sometimes, you can quickly solve the complaints. For example, if you unexpectedly use toothpaste with harmful, drying ingredients. Or if you sleep with your mouth open.

In other cases, you can’t simply remove the causes. Sometimes, dry mouth complaints are caused by necessary medication or medical treatment. Or you have been diagnosed with a disease of which dry mouth is a symptom. Always discuss this with your doctor. In the meantime, you can soothe the unpleasant feeling of a dry mouth with the above mouth-friendly, safe remedies.


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