Remove tonsil stones in just 1 minute

Author: Donna Smith , oral care specialist at Dentiwiki, 12 Jan 2024

“What is the best product for removing hidden tonsil stones? My partner has been complaining about my bad breath. The smell is making me insecure, and nothing seems to help.”

Tonsilloliths – better known as tonsil stones – are white or yellow lumps that develop in the crevices of your tonsils.

The lumps have a cheese-like structure, and are primarily made up of food residue, tongue plaque, nasal mucus and anaerobic bacteria.

how to get rid of tonsil stones

Problem: bad breath

Take a whiff of one, and you will notice that they give off a very foul smell that may bother those around you.

In many people, this leads to insecurity or even the avoidance of intimacy.

If the tonsils aren’t cleaned, it is possible for tonsil stones to remain in place for years!

The question isn’t whether you should clean your tonsils, but how to do so safely and successfully.

In this article, you can read about the top 10 best proven products for battling tonsil stones (and bad breath).

Number 1: TonsilClin Tonsil Stones Cupping Tool Mx811

The quickest and safest way to remove tonsil stones – by far – is with the Tonsil Stones Cupping Tool.

TonsilClin enables you to completely free your tonsils of bacteria and smelly tonsil stones, within just 1 minute.

removing tonsil stones

By squeezing the ball, you create a vacuum. The resulting suction effect is comfortable and strong enough to pull tonsilloliths out of even the deepest crypts.

  • Where other tonsil stone removers are primarily aimed at the tonsils‘ surface area, TonsilClin is capable of reaching the deepest parts – precisely where the stones are usually hidden (and can be for years!).
  • The best outcome is reached while making the least amount of contact. The rounded suction pipette is kind to your tonsils and reduces the likelihood of a gag reflex.
  • This cleaning of the tonsillar crypts freshens your breath up to 100% and contributes to your overall oral health.

Conclusion: TonsilClin is by far our absolute favourite. The best solution for people who want a reliable and effective product.

An exceptional service is offered by the manufacturer in the form of its money-back guarantee.

Visit to find out if TonsilClin is what you’re looking for.

2. TonsilFresh NasuDrops

Sinus spray

An effective way to prevent tonsilloliths is the use of TonsilFresh NasuDrops. The reason is that a large part of tonsil stones is made up of nasal mucus (post-nasal drip) that drips down from your nasal cavity and into your tonsillar crypts. Having crept into your tonsils, this pus slowly transforms into a tonsil stone.

In each nostril, apply 3 to 5 droplets of TonsilFresh Nasudrops, allowing the liquid to flow through your nose and towards your throat. By doing so, you can neutralise any excess nasal mucus before it’s able to accumulate in the crypts of your tonsils.

A large source of tonsilloliths is thereby eliminated. The drops are not addictive and 100% natural, as well as contributing to pleasant-smelling breath.

Look into TonsilFresh NasuDrops on this website.

3. TonsilFresh Oral Spray with active oxygen

oral spray for Tonsil Stones

TonsilFresh Oral Spray is a mouth spray containing active oxygen, which helps to neutralise the stinky gasses emitted from your tonsils.

Researchers examining tonsilloliths discovered that they contain the following anaerobic bacteria:

Eubacterium, Fusobacterium, Porphyromonas, Prevotella, Selenomonas and Tannerella.

Anaerobic bacteria discharge smelly sulphuric odours that are comparable to the smell of rotten eggs. It’s no wonder then that tonsil stones give off such an intense stench, causing bad breath.

Anaerobic refers to the absence of oxygen, meaning these bacteria have a strong preference for places where there is little oxygen – for example: within the depths of the tonsillar crypts.

Sprinkling active oxygen onto the throat area can help to fight off these bacteria.

Find TonsilFresh Oral Spray here.

4. JuliBrite: best waterfloss for tonsil stones

best waterfloss for tonsil stones

A safe way to remove tonsil stones is by using a water flosser, most notably the JuliBrite Waterfloss.

JuliBrite is a hand-driven water flosser that doesn’t make use of electricity or a battery.

This makes for a much lighter stream of water, allowing you to subtly spray and clean out the crypts of your tonsils.

The heavy jet of an electric water flosser is geared for cleaning the spots in between your teeth, but it is far too harsh for your vulnerable tonsils.

So make sure to choose a flosser like the JuliBrite Waterfloss, which enables you to determine the force of the stream yourself and apply it with precision.

When using JuliBrite Waterfloss, you won’t always be able to reach the deepest crevices of your tonsils. Still, it is a good supplement to the TonsilClin Cupping Tool.

Click here to see if JuliBrite Waterfloss is what you’re looking for.

5. MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor

Tonsil Stones extraction tool

For tonsilloliths located near the surface of your tonsils, the MiBrush Tonsil Stones Loop Extractor is a simple and effective instrument.

The MiBrush Loop Extractor has a rounded loop at its tip, which allows you to easily scoop a stone out of your tonsils.

The slender design makes it much more targeted than a finger or cotton bud, and it is obviously not sharp either.

Take a look at the MiBrush Loop Extractor here.

6. Moist-R Chewing Gum & Spray

tonsil stones removal at home

When it comes to products by Moist-R, we particularly recommend the chewing gum and mouth spray. Moist-R stimulates saliva flow and thereby forms a natural protection against the oral bacteria that cause tonsilloliths.

The chewing gum pieces are softer and larger than most others. The xylitol originates from birch trees that are certified non-GMO.

These components contribute to a healthy mouth and throat. A healthy and balanced oral microflora is what slows or even prevents the formation of tonsil stones.

Check out Moist-R’s products here.

7. Oxyfresh Ultimate Fresh Breath kit

best mouthwash for tonsil stones

When it comes to mouthwash that helps against tonsils stones, Oxyfresh is our favourite. Oxyfresh cleans the cavities in your mouth and throat, and is often used in combination with the TonsilClin Cupping Tool.

active oxygen for clean tonsilsThe active ingredient, Oxygene, has been used for over 100 years in the purification of drinking water – making the cleaning of your tonsils a fairly simple task for Oxyfresh.

Oxygene consists of stabilised sodium chlorite, zinc, and essential oils. According to several studies, this is a proven combination when it comes to cleaning tonsillar crypts and freshening your breath.

You can find several Oxyfresh products here

8. JuliBrite Tongue Cleaning Kit

brush your tongue against tonsil stones

The JuliBrite Tongue Cleaning Kit has all you need when it comes to cleaning your tongue. A clean tongue contributes towards keeping both your tonsils and your breath fresh.

The back of your tongue is very close to your tonsils. It is in this area of the tongue, in between the rough papillae, that anaerobic bacteria and tongue plaque can be found. Just stick your tongue out; people with tonsilloliths tend also to have a white or yellowish coating on their tongue.

In order to stop the development of tonsil stones as much as possible, it is important to keep your tongue nice and clean.

You can do so safely and thoroughly with the JuliBrite Tongue Clean Kit. The kit contains a tongue cleaner and Tongue Gel.

Click here to read all about why using Julibrite is a much better way to brush your tongue than doing so with any conventional (flat) tongue cleaners.

View the JuliBrite Tongue Cleaning Kit here.

9. AE Dental Tonsil Stones Removal Toolkit

removal tool kit tonsil stones

The AE Dental Tonsil Stones Removal Toolkit was originally designed for the removal of earwax. On major online stores, the same set is sold under different brand names as a Tonsil Stones Removal Set.

Your tonsils are not the same as ears. The metal ear-scoop is hard and can also be sharp. Like the plastic holder, it needs to be handled carefully.

For this reason, the MiBrush Loop Extractor is a better option. The little water syringe can come in handy, however. That can also be purchased separately on this website.

10. HaliQ Bad Breath Tester + GingiLab Dental Camera

Are you worried that your breath stinks because of tonsil stones? As you are used to the smell of your own breath, you cannot judge how (un)fresh your breath really is.

Then the HaliQ SE Bad Breath Tester might be a solution. Bad breath is the result of bacteria that like to nestle at the back of the tongue and within tonsilloliths, among other places.

These microorganisms make use of the content of those tonsil stones, which they convert into foul-smelling sulphuric gas.

These released gasses are measured by the tester’s special sensors.

Blow in the sensor. The stronger the smell, the higher the number. Do you score high? Then perhaps it would help to clean your tonsils, tongue and nose using the products described in this top 10.

Look up the bad breath checker here.

Check your tonsils with GingiLab

Another useful tool is the GingiLab Dental Camera.

It is an easy way to check the status of your tonsils. You use the camera to take live images, which you can then review on your smartphone.

Find out more about the GingiLab Dental Camera here.

A comprehensive approach is needed

how to extract tonsil stones

If you hope to be completely free of tonsil stones, good oral health is paramount – in combination with the use of the right instruments.

Clean tonsils in 6 steps

  1. TonsilClin Cupping Tool
  2. Oral spray and mouthwash with active oxygen (stabilised sodium chlorite)
  3. Chewing gum and mouth spray with xylitol
  4. Nose drops to prevent flow of bacteria from the nasal cavity
  5. Not just brushing your teeth properly, but cleaning your tongue on a daily basis
  6. Keeping your oral cavity well hydrated

Frequently asked questions about tonsil stones

What are tonsil stones?

chunks white formations in throat

tonsil stones treatment

Tonsil stones are officially called tonsilloliths. Colloquially they are known as tonsil stones, as well as sometimes being referred to as bad breath balls, throat cheese, devil’s feta, white stuff, chunks, pebbles or lumps in the throat.

Are tonsil stones dangerous?

Tonsil stones are not dangerous, but they can be bothersome. As they grow larger, they can lead to irritations, swallowing issues, and the feeling of something being stuck in your throat.

All tonsil stones stink, even the small ones. They may be harmless, but due to their composition they do cause bad breath. And who wants that?

Where do tonsil stones come from?

Tonsils are primarily made up of lymphatic tissue, which has the function of expelling waste products from the body in the shape of mucus and blood cells.

Due to the tonsils’ erratic texture, which often becomes messier as a result of infections, these waste products are known to get caught or stuck.

In addition to this, food residue can end up in crypts that are wide enough. A tonsil stone grows accordingly, usually in the form of a soft chunk. It is when tonsilloliths also contain minerals such as calcium that they form proper, hard stones.

Does everyone have tonsil stones?

Anyone who hasn’t had his or her tonsils removed is capable of developing tonsil stones. Many people don’t even realise they have tonsil stones in their throat. You can find out by using TonsilClin Cupping Tool.

What is the best way to remove my tonsil stones?

The best way to remove existing tonsil stones is with TonsilClin Cupping Tool, in combination with Oxyfresh mouthwash and toothpaste. In order to prevent the development of tonsil stones, you can use TonsilFresh NasuDrops and Moist-R, as well as cleaning the tongue with OraPack.

Can I use a cotton swap instead?

A cotton bud only works if a tonsil stone has already made its way to the surface of your tonsil. In 95% of cases, however, tonsilloliths are in so deep that you cannot spot them with the naked eye.

You won’t be able to reach them with a cotton bud. Most crypts are too narrow and deep for the use of instruments to ‘pick’ them. Aside from this, you would be likely to irritate or even damage your tonsils by doing so.

The TonsilClin Cupping Tool reaches a larger area of the tonsils and makes use of a vacuum. This enables you to extract tonsil stones from even the deepest of crevices.

how to remove tonsil stones

How to dislodge Tonsil stones

After removal, how to prevent tonsil stones?

First of all, through good daily oral hygiene – including the cleaning of the tongue by using OraPack. On top of that, mouthwash based on active oxygen, TonsilFresh NasuDrops and Moist-R chewing gum and oral spray help prevent tonsillolith growth.

What is the best mouthwash for tonsil stones?

In order to counteract the formation of tonsil stones as much as possible, it is advisable to always rinse your throat after brushing your teeth. Do this with mouthwash that is based on an active oxygen formula, by gargling as far back in your throat as you can.

Oxyfresh and TonsilFresh Mouthwash contains a greater concentration of oxygen than other similar products. Active oxygen targets the harmful bacteria in the mouth and throat, neutralising the foul-smelling gasses that they produce.

A healthy oral microflora helps keep your teeth in good condition, ward off bad breath, and minimise tonsil stones.

What is the best tonsil stone removal tool?

For sure that is TonsilClin Cupping Tool.

What is the best water floss for Tonsil Stones?

JuliBrite Waterfloss.

Surgery or at-home removal??

tonsillitis tonsil stone removal

Although having your tonsils surgically removed is a proven method against tonsilloliths, I understand that for most people (including doctors) that might not be your first choice.

There is a heightened risk of complications and the procedure can cause serious discomfort, especially in adults.

On top of that, many professionals believe that people simply shouldn’t have their tonsils removed. After all, they are there for a reason.

No wonder you are opting for a quick and easy solution by cleaning your tonsils yourself.

But proceed with caution; always make sure you learn about the product first. Some methods can be unsafe, while not all tonsil stone removers are equally effective.


The information on this website must not be regarded as a substitute for medical advice. If you are unsure about your health or in need of health advice, please contact your doctor or healthcare provider. Please also contact your doctor immediately if your tonsils appear to be large, red or uneven, if you are having difficulty swallowing or breathing, if pus or blood is issuing from your tonsils, or if you are experiencing pain or earache.